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What You Need to Know About Semiconductors

If you are an enthusiast of electronic devices, you have probably come across the word semiconductors. What is a semiconductor? What is semiconductor design? Why choose semiconductors? I will try and answer these questions in this article. Nonetheless, to know more about semiconductors, you first need to understand what they are.


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In the past seven decades, semiconductors have proved to be essential components in the making of electronic gadgets. The electronic world has been on the rise in terms of development, innovation, research, and tech. Electronic devices are designed to handle information. Some of the reasons we need these gadgets include communication, fast transmission, processing in areas of business, and production. In these gadgets and devices, the semiconductor is regarded as the backbone of electric appliances.

So, what are semiconductors? These are materials that do not insulate or conduct electricity. Generally, elements are categorized into conductors, semiconductors, and insulators. Conductors are excellent electricity carrying materials, while insulators are poor conductors of electricity.

What are Semiconductor Devices?

Semiconductor gadgets are types of electronic elements that are built and manufactured based on materials like Germanium, Gallium Arsenide, and Silicon. Since the early 1950s, semiconductors have been used to make variants of electronics and electronics. Previously, vacuum tubes were utilized in place of semiconductors. The difference between these two is that in semiconductors, the conduction of electrons takes place in “solid-state,” while in vacuum tubes, the process happens in a gaseous state. Both well-integrated circuits and discrete elements gadgets feature semiconductors.

Why Semiconductors?

Generally, semiconductors are used because of the ability to control the conductivity of electrons. Other aspects like light temperature, mechanical distortion, electric field, and magnetic field can manipulate the conductivity further, however, if we ignore aspects such as light and temperature, a procedure known as Doping is done to the semiconductor materials.

A complete semiconductor is referred to as an intrinsic semiconductor, while a doped one (impure semiconductors) is known as extrinsic. If there is an addition in electrons after being doped, the device is known as an n-type semiconductor. If the holes are added, it’s known as a p-type semiconductor.

As previously stated, these semiconductors are the core of many electrical gadgets. Semiconductors are the key factor in many integrated circuits. They are used in analog circuits as well and serve as the core in the making of digital circuits and logic gates. If you are interested in learning more about this topic and in-depth, consider taking up Quantum Mechanics.