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Four of the Best 3D Printers Under $300

Technological advancement has brought across many exciting things, and one of them is 3D printers. These printers continue to get more upgrades day in and day out, which makes them more efficient but also makes it harder for you to choose the best.

Most of them come with unique features to meet your special needs. If you have been shying away from 3D printing thinking that the printers are unaffordable, it is time to change your mindset. There exist affordable yet functional 3D printers for your budget. Here are the top 3d printers less than 300 dollars for you to choose from.

Monoprice Maker Select V2

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This is arguably the best top-quality under $300 3D printer. It comes already assembled, and all you need to do is tighten screws to start using it. This hassle-free set up is crucial for anyone who has no experience with 3D printers. It comes with a reasonably good build up volume, and one can print up to 6 inches. Its build-up plate is heated, which gives reliable ABS processing and other filaments which require higher temperatures to function well.

Its printer is also good for the money as it is accurate and polished in addition to having a fast printing speed. It is good to note that its printing speed is affected by the project’s details and size. Given that its instructions manual only covers the basics, you should engage yourself in Maker Select V2 active forums. This is the best place where one can learn more about how to make full utilization of his/her printer.

Anycubic Mega

This 3D printer available under $300 is best known for high-quality print, especially when set to extra fine. Its settings, menu and the printer itself are easy to use, making it an excellent choice for someone who is looking to learn the basics of 3D printing. Its comprehensive manual makes it easier to use. It also comes with several spare parts and lasts long. However, it lacks many upgrades as compared to other 3D printers under $300.

XYZprinting da Vinci Jr. 1.0

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This fully enclosed 3D printer offers you real value for the money. It comes in beautiful packaging, fully assembled as you only need to do a little calibrating to get started. When calibrating, ensure that the distance between the print bed and extruder is as directed in the manual. Its small built-in interface operated using buttons makes it easy to use even for a first-time user.

In addition to this, it has a quick-release extruder which enables users to quickly remove the extruder for routine maintenance. It also has an auto-feeding filament system, which means that the printer takes care of everything else once you load the filament. However, it is quite slow and only uses proprietary filament, which is limiting.

Jgaurora A-3

This printer comes disassembled, and it requires about 8 hours to set it up. As such, it comes with comprehensive instructions, both written and visual, to guide you through assembling and calibration. Moreover, it has high print quality and supports several filament types.

It also has a big build volume and can be used for long hours for several days without breaking down, making it ideal for someone with many projects at ago. With this guide, you will be able to choose the best 3D printer under $300 for your needs.