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How to Get Blockheads on Your PC 

Most people like passing the time playing mobile games, and you too could try them if you are not yet into the games. The good news is that you can also enjoy the games on a bigger screen-your PC, so you have more fun. Blockheads is one of the best mobile games, which you can also download on PC for a better gaming experience thanks to playing it on an expansive screen.

However, to download, install and run Blockheads on your desktop or laptop, you need an emulator. This is because the game is an android app, and you cannot download it directly on your PC, given that the computer does not have the software needed to run an android application. Luckily, using an emulator like MEmuPlay, you can download the Blockheads and other android apps on your PC and run them.

Taking a Deeper Look at the Blockheads

kids playing the blockheads on a PCThe Blockheads is a mobile game that imitates sandbox and has limitless possibilities. When you enter the endless world, you must plan how to survive all on your own. You have lots of activities to do -roaming the open world, hunting for resources, making weapons, collecting supplies, building structures, and avoiding dangers. In addition, you can get your choice pet in the beautiful open-world game.

This game is based on the famous Minecraft game. However, it is a bit different from Minecraft in some ways. One difference is that the Blockheads is a 2-dimensional world game. However, the fact that this game does not have 3- dimensional gameplay is not anything that makes it less exciting, as it may seem.

The activities you do as you enjoy the Blockheads depend entirely on you. You may choose to put up a house, a bungalow, a mansion, or even a high-rise. You may also have an adventure in the wild and various landscapes, or do other things, so the game goes on as you want it. Moreover, you can play this game alone, with friends, or with multiple online players.

Downloading the Blockheads onto Your PC

  • Go to the MEmuPlay official site and install the MEmuPlay. You should allow it enough time because it may take longer to install.
  • Launch MEmuPlay if it does not start automatically.
  • Open the Play Store or if you don’t have one, use your G-mail account to access the Play Store.
  • Look for the Blockhead on the Play Store and install it.
  • When the game installation is complete, launch the app and start playing.