Benefits Associated with Dual Fuel Generators

Generator sets are widely used as sources of backup power in various parts of the globe. They are used in hospitals, homes, institutions, factories and large offices. Most of these machines are powered by fuels like diesel and natural gas. The fuel has chemical energy which is then is converted into electric energy. Generators come in different sizes. You should choose a machine that meets your daily power requirements. There are different types and models of generators, including dual fuel generators.

Dual generators are machines that run on both gasoline and diesel, making them an excellent option for homes found in rural or remote areas. The two types of fuels can be used interchangeably. Dual fuel engines are also referred to as hybrid engines. The other kind of hybrid engine is the one used in hybrid cars. Hybrid cars are vehicles that run on either gasoline or electricity.


They Can Use Different Types of Fuels


As mentioned earlier, these machines can handle nearly all types of fuel. You can either use sewage gas, natural gas, diesel, LP vapor, diesel, and liquid propane to fuel your dual fuel generator. Furthermore, these generator sets can also combust landfill gas and diesel.


They are Economical

These engines are easy to maintain, operate, and run. In addition to this, they are very economical because ether rate of fuel consumption is very low. Individuals who want to maximize their electricity output should invest in these engines. These are machines which can run even when the fuel levels are very low, making them a cost-effective option to run and operate.

They Switch Fuel Automatically

A dual fuel generator can switch itself automatically when one type of fuel is depleted. For instance, if your set is running on diesel and natural gas, it will automatically switch to diesel when natural gas gets depleted.

They Save on Energy Costs

energy cost

Dual fuel generators produce optimum power for every unit of fuel consumed. The combustion process of these engines is highly efficient. Maximizing the efficiency of fuel used by your generator can help you in saving money in the long run.


They are Reliable

These machines are designed with reliable components that make them durable. A dual fuel generator can last for many years regardless of the type of fuel used to run it. Furthermore, they are known for producing maximum power per unit of fuel. These are some of the features that make these machines supremely efficient and reliable.