Oct. 25-27 2016
Grenoble, France
Promote your company, activity, business !….



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Crash test

Live market testing involves showing the unique value of your business idea to potential customers to get "real time" customer feedback. You cant’ afford to be wrong in a large scale…

Test and figure out the blemishes needing corrections but also the value drivers to enhance, and then launch execution stage with confidence!

Not every market test needs to be the same, be creative and do what’s the best for you and your business!

We provide:

Specific testing area / Panel of 10 testers / significant sequence of 1 hour intensive test

You get:

Data on behavior, feelings and point of view of testers, gathered in real time during the test feed back session after the test surveys.

For further information contact us: sales@iot-planet.org

Gain visibility by linking your own event with the IoT Planet International Trade Show!

Partner Tribunes and Events will be included in the program and in our promotional campaign!

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Partner Tribunes

Organizing your own tribune will increase your visibility and opportunities for promoting your company / organization, your activities, your products and services.
It will give you the opportunity to present your strategies, your business plans, your partnerships ...
Tribunes are held during the 3 days of the Show, with a maximum duration of 1 hour each.

Partner Events

Would you like to take advantage of the Networking Platform offered by IoT Planet?
  • You can create and organize your own corporate event during the IoT Planet Trade Show, with the operational support of the event organizers.
  • Your event can be built for your Customers, Partners, Employees... for any purpose: business, networking, recognition, promotion...

Get visibility by associating your event to IoT planet International Trade Show!

Partner Tribunes and Events will be included in the program and in our promotional campaign!


A multitude of opportunities for networking, either organized or facilitated in specific areas:
  • Zone for B-to-B meetings with pre-registration
  • Zone for press conferences
  • Connecting Lounges
  • Catering areas: coffee breaks, lunch buffet

All exhibitors and professional attendees can use the business to business meetings. Identify and request meetings with contacts prior to the show and save time in doing business, sourcing or partnership development.
  • Complete your registration form online and receive a confirmation message containing your individual password.
  • Request meetings with companies and accept or decline meetings with other companies.
  • Your timetable will be available online prior to the forum.
IoT Planet and Semicon Europa co-location offers you a multitude of opportunities for networking!

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