Oct. 25-27 2016
Grenoble, France
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Picture of Oleg LOGVVINOV


IEEE Internet Initiative, Chairman
IoTecha Chief Executive Officer
IEEE - IoTecha

Keynote Speaker:
In March of 2016 Mr. Logvinov joined IoTecha corporation as a co-founder, President, and CEO. Mr. Logvinov was previously a Director of Special Assignments in STMicroelectronics’ Industrial & Power Conversion Division where he was deeply engaged in market and technology development activities in the area of Industrial IoT including the applications of IEEE 1901 powerline communication technology in harsh environments.

Mr. Logvinov is currently the chair of the IEEE Internet Initiative, which connects engineers, scientists, industry leaders, and others with policy experts to help improve the understanding of technology and its implications and impact on Internet governance issues. Mr. Logvinov actively participates in several IEEE standards development working groups, including serving as the Chair of the IEEE P2413 “Standard for an Architectural Framework for the Internet of Things’ Working Group and the IEEE P1901.1 “Standard for Smart Grid Powerline Communication”. Mr. Logvinov has twenty four patents to his credit and has been an invited speaker on multiple occasions.