Oct. 25-27 2016
Grenoble, France
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Marie-Paule ODINI


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Marie-Paule ODINI

Distinguished Technologist – Corporate CT Office
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Keynote Speaker:
Marie-Paule Odini is Distinguished Technologist for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Communication and Media Solution organization, focusing on innovation and emerging trends in the communication industry. This includes NFV (Network Function Virtualization), M2M-IoT, Analytics and Cloud. She seats on ETSI, ATIS, IEEE standard bodies, and participates in European Commission task force and projects. Regarding M2M & IoT, she co-founded ETSI ISG LTN, Low Throughput Network, initiative, working with Sigfox and Semtech/LORA and contributed to the evolution towards LPWAN integration in ETSI ERM, 3GPP, SmartM2M and OneM2M. She supports HPE activity in M2M-IoT and is a regular speaker in public events.

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