Oct. 25-27 2016
Grenoble, France
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Picture of Joris GAUDION


Chief Executive Officer, President
SLMS Schneider Lucibel Managed Services

Joris Gaudion (INPG ENSE3 2004), is a french entrepreneur, fan of technologies and outdoor sports. After 10 years in sales, field services and project management in smartgrids, smartbuildings and solutions for real estate, he has co-founded a RetailTech, SLMS in 2015.

Store Operations and Lifi managed services are disrupting the visitor / customer / student journey with a unique value proposal built around connected lighting and IoT.

With his team, he is leveraging open innovation, agile and design thinking methodologies to build fun and interactive customer experiences with advanced technologies (Led, VLC-LiFI, IoT and Videomarketing), marketing, field people training.

He is developping a vertical segment approach in Retail, Schools, Transport, Sport.