Oct. 25-27 2016
Grenoble, France
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Jim Morrish

Keynote speaker

Founder & Chief Research Officer
Machina Research, UK

Panel moderator:
Peter Clarke (EETimes)
A respected industry expert with over 20 years’ global experience in strategy consulting, operations management and telecoms research, Jim’ experience include stints with Booz Allen & Hamilton and the BBC, and he was Secretary to both Operating and Executive Boards of the Business Networks division at Cable & Wireless where he project- managed the restructuring of the Cable & Wireless Global Markets entity.

He co-authored the Ignite|IoT project management framework and “Enterprise IoT” book, and contributed to “Machine-to-Machine Communications”. Jim serves on the Global Advisory Body for the Institution of Engineering and Technology India IoT Panel, is Programme Committee Chair for the M2M Innovation World Congress conference, and serves on IoT Asia’s International Advisory Panel and the Programme Committee for IoT Solutions World Congress. He speaks regularly at events like GSMA’s Mobile World Congress and judges for awards including Total Telecom and the GSMA, and is credited for adding “LPWA” and “Subnet of Things” to the IoT lexicon.

Machina Research
Machina Research is the world’s leading provider of strategic advice on the newly emerging Internet of Things, M2M and Big Data markets. Our Advisory Service provides comprehensive support for any organisation interested in these opportunities. Our vertical market information and forecasts cover sectors such as Industry, Healthcare, Cars and Cities.

Furthermore we provide guidance on commercial and technical best practice supporting all stakeholders in the sector including users, manufacturers, service providers, investors and regulators. In addition to our syndicated Advisory Service research we also undertake a wide range of client-specific custom research projects ranging from White Papers through to full go-to-market strategies. Machina Research is staffed by the leading industry analysts in the sector.

IoT Planet in Grenoble affords the opportunity to attend both a conference and also a trade show, including representation from the full value chain: from software to silicon. Machina Research is the leading industry analyst firm worldwide in the IoT space and we are very much looking forwards to engaging in the Planet IoT ecosystem in October.