Oct. 25-27 2016
Grenoble, France
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Jean Christophe DENIS


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Jean Christophe DENIS

Global Business Services Manager
Rio Tinto

TALENTS for IoT Forum
Jean-Christophe started at Pechiney LRF in 1995 to develop measurement systems and simulation of Aluminum Smelter.

He was involved in the creation of the IT Corporate Department and deployed several Enterprise solutions, like Directory for users and PC security management.

In 2003, He created a Project Delivery As A Service organization (London, Paris, Grenoble, Chicago, Shanghai and Africa). The portfolio was nearly 100 Brownfields, 30000 Employees divestments and mine green fields in Africa.

He manages IOT Services Delivery since 2013 to support convergence of Enterprise with Operational IT.

Jean-Christophe’s approach to IT is Business Innovation driven to support Digital Transformation.