Oct. 25-27 2016
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Ed van den KIEBOOM


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Ed van den KIEBOOM

Chief Executive Officer

Panel Moderator:
Has over 25 years of hands-on management experience in founding, launching, developing and managing both public and private technology companies.
In his professional career he worked from 1986 through 1992 as an investment director for the Dutch government in attracting in-bound investments of technology based companies from the US and the Far East.

After establishing his own company in 1992 he assisted as an outside consultant, major companies such as Philips Electronics, and Mitsubishi Electronics to expand their business in pre-recorded and recordable media.

Furthermore he established and/or assisted in establishing 7 companies in the technology areas of optical storage, micro-electronics, information and communication technology.

In 2005 he founded and managed the Plastic Electronics Foundation, a worldwide technology platform for printable organic electronics, with stakeholders from both the academia, research institutes and industry. In 2012 he joined forces with the SEMI organization to become the Chairman of the Plastic Electronics Special Interest Group.

From 2005 until present he founded and managed the Smart Lighting and Smart Sensing technology and business platforms. Smart or connected lighting is driving the Internet of Everything, based on the omnipresence of the electrical infrastructure.