Oct. 25-27 2016
Grenoble, France
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Christian COMTAT


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Christian COMTAT

Internet of Things Director
IBM France

Keynote speaker:
Internet of Things as acceleration of digital transformation is my job. I am working with enterprises and ecosystems to enable business transformation with Internet Of Things. After Cloud business development for IBM in France, I am, since 2015, leading the Internet Of Things business. Enabling Innovation to become industrialized, orchestrating innovation ecosystems and enterprise business projects, my job is to make real business out of the Internet Of Things value chains. My life is and as always been to use new technologies in order to do business differently. I began with an MBA following an engineering diploma and never stopped using new technologies to transform existing P&Ls.
Applying e-learning to transform education business, renewing It Services to become globally available, implementing new Cloud business models, my experience is to drive new P&L results using new technologies.

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