Oct. 25-27 2016
Grenoble, France

Focus on Captronic


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CAP'TRONIC is at the heart of the electronics and IoT ecosystem. This position will allow it to provide SMEs with advice during the trade show in order to help them take the plunge and use connected objects.

The association JESSICA France was created by the CEA and Bpifrance to implement the CAP'TRONIC program. The association is funded by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance. The goal of the CAP'TRONIC program is to help French SMEs improve their competitive edge by integrating embedded software and electronics in their products. In 2015, the program helped 3,500 SMEs increase their market share by leveraging such technology.

CAP'TRONIC counts on 24 engineers specialized in embedded software and electronics. They are spread out around France in order to be near companies and help them overcome daily challenges. These specialists provide neutral expertise to adapt projects according to the needs of companies and the market. As a result, this enables companies to quickly find realistic and cost-effective technological solutions.
As demand continues to grow for CAP'TRONIC's support of IoT-related projects, it comes as no surprise that the program will participate in this second edition of the IoT Planet Trade Show.

Support will be provided thanks to the program's engineers as well as an exhibit focused on IoT products. CAP'TRONIC's participation in the trade show is expected to provide attendees with valuable contacts and enable the development of structured projects.

The IoT Planet Trade Show will take place alongside Semicon Europa. It will provide attendees with an excellent overview of technologies that cover the entire electronics industry value chain.